Personal Evolution

Career and Personal Advancement

Working in the corporate environment had its advantages, but also had its setbacks.  Thien felt that things started to become menial and repetitive.  With the freelance market, there are new and limitless opportunities.  The field is much more stimulating, and the potential for personal and professional growth is immense.

Thien wanted to organize his workflow in his own way, to maximize the value he gets from the work he does.  This, of course, translates into value for his clients as well.  There are other variables that can be adjusted in the way of success and productivity, one of which is personal satisfaction.

Thien is an intrinsically creative person, and has such a huge love for visceral and didactic experiences that is evident in his passions, such as interior design and landscaping.  All Thien needs are opportunities to express his creativity.  His passion to be creative and succeed burn white hot from within. 

The freelance industry offers innumerable opportunities for realize his fullest potential.  There is such a rich and abundant source of opportunities available within the open freelance market.


Yearly Growth


  • 10+ Years of Web Development - Intranet and Internet
  • Intranet: Dept. Sites, Document Sharing, Custom Forms
  • Internet: Donation Forms, Press Releases, Job Postings
  • Tutelege and Guidance
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Organization
  • Backup
  • e-Commerce (Magento)

yearly progression

  • 2020: Le DK, LLC – Freelance Web / e-Commerce Dev
  • 2017: Contract e-Commerce Development – Magento
  • 2016: NTT Data – Web Development
  • –> 2016: NTT Data acquires Dell Services
  • 2009: Dell Services – Web Development
  • –> 2009: Dell acquires Perot Systems as Dell Services
  • 2007: Perot Systems – Web Development
  • 2005: Perot Systems – Project Management
  • 2002: Perot Systems – Desktop Support
  • 2001: Lambda Research Optics – Network Administration / Desktop Support


Excellence and Dedication

Thien attended and graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California, with a degree from the USC Marshall School of Business.  USC is a world renowned school, with rigorous and advanced courses to boot.

Through hard work and dedication, Thien toughed through college while striving for excellence.

Honor Roll

He was invited to attend USC out of high school because he was in the honor roll throughout his schooling.  He was always on top of things, and always studied diligently and thoroughly.

Thien has a very meticulous nature.  As we all know, God is in the details.  His refining nature paved the way for his success.