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Diverse Technologies for Diverse Clients and Situations

No two situations are exactly alike, and even with the same technologies a “copy-paste” approach doesn’t always work.  Most likely there will be customizations to resolve unique requirements and pain points.  The focus isn’t on the technologies as much as it is on the client’s needs and how technology can meet those needs.  Any technology is nothing more than a tool and is useless and irrelevant regardless of cost if it doesn’t resolve the client’s needs and pain points.


Websites come in many different flavors. There is no one size fits all design. The color scheme, font, layout, organization and other factors are dictated by the business requirements.


An online store is a variation of a website where users interact by purchasing goods and/or services. The online store should be easy to use so users can ultimately make a purchase and come back for more.


There are many choices out there to chose from which can be confusing and intimidating. It doesn't make sense to use a jackhammer when a hammer is all you need. But it's also prudent not to underestimate the complexity of the task and use a hammer when you really need a sledgehammer.