Passion & Creativity

19 Years of Immaculate Consulting Services

In today′s world, the importance of a well-executed web presence cannot be underestimated.

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Passion and creativity are critical to success in any field you work in.  Why? Because creativity allows to you to find divergent and unconventional solutions.  Without creativity, you could not imagine these hard to find solutions.  You must have a vast experience, rich and robust in its facets, and you must be able to extract and recombine the fine elements to synthesize diverse scenarios, from which you will realize your potentiality.

Some of Thien’s many passions are landscaping and interior design.  Landscaping is an outlet for Thien’s creativity.  He loves to create an immersive, all encompassing, and intense experience.  He understands how organization is a means to facilitate creativity.

Left and right sided brain processing is null and void.  There is no endeavor that is solely one or the other, but rather a orchestration of both.  Thien embodies qualities that allow him to creatively organize and to organize creativity.

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“A place for everything and everything in its place.” – Rosie Jetson (from The Jetsons)

Diverse elements work together to create harmony.

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No matter how big the task, divide and conquer will carve the task into manageable pieces.


Customization is King​

No one size fits all.

Thien said of development, “No one size fits all,” and “generally, customization…every job was customization…”  It is all about personal attention, it’s not about the website, it’s about the user.  Everything is built around what works for the staff and individuals. 

Heavy customization.

Thien quoted having worked on “…numerous heavily customized designs.”  This type of user integration (consideration) allows for the staff to tune their process in order to facilitate a more efficient, and more effective, and thus more productive throughput.  There were different themes applied on the same domain (website), to serve this purpose.  Thien’s proficiency allowed him to meet the rigorous demands of the clientele.  His attention to details and meticulous nature made it easy and enjoyable to do this type of work.

Constant changes.

Support during development, go-live and post go-live are an integral part of the development life cycle. Our world is constantly evolving and the only constant is change itself. Updated requirements are taken into consideration and thus the development cycle begins anew.


Consistent Quality Results

Perot Systems
Dell Services
NTT Data
  • Hospital Network Clientele
  • Daughters of Charity ran 6 hospitals in the Southern and Northern CA
  • Perot Systems was outsourced to provide Information Technology services to the Daughters of Charity Hospital System (DCHS). Perot Systems specializes in hospital data infrastructure nationwide.

Thien provided website support for an astonishing 6 hospitals, totaling over a baffling 100 some departmental websites, on an ongoing basis. Thien was the main technological talent on the IT Team. Thien advised, and supported, unprecedented numbers on all areas of WordPress.  He provided tutelege and training, emotional and personal guidance, and shouldered the wordload when required.

The workload usually included regular updates, news, current events. Every hospital had specific needs.  Thien supported hundreds of users, many of them with their own special requests.

Thien also implemented an IT request form, so the staff can request technical and creative support, in an organized and systematic fashion.

Large scale operations are not new to Thien.  The IT department which started out under Perot Systems was sold to Dell IT Services of Dell Inc. in 2009 for $4 billion dollars.

Thien transitioned to a new management under Dell.  Eventually, Dell sold the IT subsidiary to NTT Data at a loss of $800 million.  NTT Data acquired Dell IT Services for roughly $3 billion.  Amidst all the changes, Thien was typically sought after to help with the new operations and consistently delivered quality results.

Daughters of Charity ultimately folded into Verity Health in 2014, and with further restructuring, disbanded the original 6 hospitals.  The various hospital websites were merged into a singular web portal to meet all public needs. Thien was such a critical proponent in the advent of the endeavor.  He spearheaded the migration of the previous Microsoft SharePoint platform to WordPress and facilitated the propagation of utilizing WordPress to interface with the public on the world wide web.

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According to the Verity Health website the organization has sold the final three facilities on August 14, 2020 and is no longer a healthcare provider.